Tohatsu Outboards

Made in Japan, Tohatsu offer a huge range of TLDI (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection), 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboards. Tohatsu prides itself on its strength and reliability.

The Tohatsu Company has been established for nearly ninety years and is currently as popular as ever. It is a brand name in merchandise such as, outboard motors, pleasure boats, portable fire pumps, small fire trucks, drainage pumps and more. However, this brand finds the majority of its popularity with outdoor enthusiast and those who own small motor crafts. Tohatsu has an excellent reputation when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of outboard motors.

So what is it that makes Tohatsu outboards different? The focus at Tohatsu has always been on reliability rather than horsepower. The 4-Stroke and TLDI range of outboard engines also include outboards with some of the lowest emissions available. Delivering power you can rely on, and all the benefits of lower emissions.






They are the second largest producer of the product in the world, and are famously known to put out some of the more creative designs in the industry. Recently, the company introduced a new design of the four, five and six horse power outboards. These new designs include several additions that are considered to be very unique to the industry, such as a front mounted shift handle, a one hundred and ten milometer extension of the tiller handle, and larger carrying handle and holding grip.

Tohatsu preparing to get out on the water

Tohatsu – A great choice for inflatables

The Boys at Team Tohatsu

Tohatsu means reliability

Tohatsu performance boating




The TLDI series was made directly by Tohatsu and are an award winning product. These are unique outboard motors that are driven toward boaters who desire a need for saving fuel while on the water. These motors offer boaters low emissions and are very sleek in size, allowing for a highly efficient boating experience. Features like this and a special ability to satisfy customers across the world, have gone a long way in becoming what many consider the best brand currently on the market. In 2004, Tohatsu outboards were honored and nationally recognized by Motor boating Magazine, as they received the 2004 Editors’ Choice Award. This award honored the company’s lightweight model of the nine point eight horse power four stroke motor, which became the lightest in its class at only eighty one point five pounds. Although this was the second time the company had received the award, they were still honored. Hiroshi Wakabayashi, President of Tohatsu America Corp., the U.S. distributor, was honored to accept the award and noted the company’s constant mission to please all customers both in the United States and abroad.


Tohatsu have been producing outboard motors since 1956. Since then, they have specialized in providing the highest quality of motors that meet their customers’ needs to their highest satisfaction. In 2005, Tohatsu opened up a state of the arc facility in Japan that demonstrates just how far the company has come since its creation. The new facility is a manufacturing plant that features over thirty four thousand miles of square feet that is used to produce nearly two hundred thousand units a year. This new plant is bursting with technology that allows for the production of highly designed, fuel efficient outboards that simply could not be built in an average facility. Japanese fisherman make up a large portion of Tohatsu’s customer base, as fishing in harsh climates is a primary means of making a living in Japan. So, being a dependable company is a large part of the company’s identity and a foundation for what the company prides themself in. If you are looking for a quality outboard motor and you are seeking reliability, high quality, and durability, then Tohatsu is a great place to start.

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