Outboard Motors for Sale

Finding an outboard motor for sale that perfectly suits your needs isn’t exactly a cakewalk. They aren’t lying around by the dozen and they can’t be found at a place as convenient as the local Wal-Mart. But fear not! You can find an outboard engine for your watercraft with little trouble at all, as long as you have a few pointers and you know where to look. First things first, do not simply walk to the nearest boat shop and plunk down money for what the sales associate might ensure you “you have to have”. By doing a little research you can stretch your dollars much farther. Now, the first thing you should determine if you can get by with purchasing a used engine. If you can’t, or a used engine doesn’t suit your needs, then look around for a proper new outboard motor. You can also always contact the manufacturer of your watercraft to see which engine they suggest you should use to power it.


The most cost effective for buying a new source of power for your boat is a used outboard engine. Many engines can be found with very little elapsed operating time and healthy internals. These are the prime candidates for your paycheck. If you are looking into purchasing a used outboard motor, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before purchase. One of the first things your should research is whether or not this engine can even be adapted to your watercraft at all. One the more basic boats, swapping the motor might consist of tightening only two bolts. Some of the larger and more complicated boats have intricate engine control mechanisms, and if you own a boat like this you should check with a professional to ensure that a used engine you are interested will work with your watercraft. After ensuring that this outboard motor will work for your craft, inspect the overall condition of the engine. Take note of the inside of the engine. Are the vacuum lines, connections, and sensors all functional and healthy? Has the engine oil been changed regularly and if so, is the current engine oil a suitable color? Make sure you check the engine for any obvious damages on both the interior and exterior of the assembly. The propeller should also be inspected, but keep in mind that these can be replaced cheaply later if the need arises. As with a new motor, you should make sure this engine will not weigh your boat down too much when you install it. By following all these steps, you can pick up a great outboard engine for bottom dollar that will meet or exceed all of your needs.


The safest and therefore more expensive option is to purchase a new outboard motor for your watercraft. There are plenty of advantages by going this route. The largest benefit is the assurance that your engine will be in top condition and will almost guarantee to never leave you stranded in the water. By being the original owner of a new motor, you have the opportunity to maintain it for its entire operational lifetime. This can give you maximum return on your investment if you take the time to care for your new engine properly. Another benefit to buying a new engine is that you have a greater chance of the engine working with the boat you are purchasing it for. New engines often include documentation about its applications to watercraft; use this to assure your engine will work on your boat. It is also likely that if you are purchasing a new engine, you are purchasing it from a professional. This person may also be consulted to ensure that you can bolt the motor up to your boat with no problems. There are a number of downsides to this avenue though. The most obvious downside is the massive cost that can result from the purchase of a new engine. New outboards can run upwards of ten thousand dollars; no small sum of money for the average consumer. Another potential downside is that the massive amount of power from a new engine might be too much for your boat to handle.


Used outboard motors for water-faring vehicles are a great option but they aren’t exactly strewn about the local shopping mall. You will have to search for the one that suits your needs, and where you will need to search will depend on whether you are going to purchase a new or a used engine. Used engines are going to be a trickier purchase than a new engine. When looking for a used outboard motor, begin your search by looking in local classified ads. This includes newspapers, craigslist, and any other local advertising avenue you can find. Another way to find used outboard motors is by simply asking a boat repair shop if they have any extra for sale. They will often have some unused engines that they would happily part with. If you choose to purchase one from a classified, make sure the previous owner maintained it well. Although buying a new engine is more expensive, it can be a far easier process than finding a used engine. Sometimes it can be as simple as walking into a new or used boat shop and walking up to the sales desk. Again, this will apply only to the simple water craft. If you have a larger or more integrated type of watercraft, you may need to contact a specialist. If this is your case and it ends up being your only option, then it is also your best option. You will be guaranteed a reliable, powerful new source of motion for your boat. Finding a new engine for a boat can be a totally different process than finding a used engine, so take your time and choose your purchases carefully.


A lesser used but very solid option for finding the proper outboard motor for sale is to contact the manufacturer of your watercraft directly. If you are in the situation where your boat has an engine that needs to be replaced, a simple call to your boat’s parent company can equip you with the information you need to locate the exact engine you need. In the best case this manufacturer might even sell the outboard to you directly. If your situation leaves your boat with no engine at all, you can try to contact the manufacturer of the boat to see if they have any suggestions on powerplants for your particular boat. After all, they designed the boat, so they will generally have a good idea of how to power it!


Finding the proper outboard motor for sale can be an easy process or it can be a difficult one. If you have the funds to do so, walking into a boat shop with your checkbook will get all of your problems solved instantly. For most people however, it would behoove one to do a small amount of research and searching to get the best value for your money. Using all of the previous steps as a guide will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for and save you the most money in the process.

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